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Cupcake Parties for Younger Children 8ys+

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How do I book a party?

It's really easy - just download a booking form here, print it out and fill it in. It's got all the information you need. When it's finished, just pop it in the post to us and we'll do the rest!

If anything's not clear or you'd like some advice before you book, just call us on 07497 332 149 or send us an email.

What do the parties consist of?

The Baking Party takes them through preparation of a complete recipe from start to finish - for example, baking cookies. They decorate their own hats to wear throughout the party and take home everything they've made, in a box which they decorate with their own design.

The parties include a delicious traditional party tea/lunch (this is included in the price).

Do the children need to bring anything with them?

No, we provide all ingredients and materials (included in the price). All the refreshments are also provided, so they don't need to bring anything to eat or drink.

We do have some guidelines on what to wear - this is just for health and safety reasons.

Is it messy?

It can be! But usually it’s not too bad. Being allowed to make a mess is part of the fun, and part of the learning, too. We show them how to work without making too much mess.

We provide aprons for all the children. We suggest it’s best to avoid clothes that are particularly precious or may mark easily.

Is it dangerous?

No – our parties are designed so that there is no danger of the children burning or cutting either themselves or each other. We have high levels of close supervision, and control what they do. Each step is explained before proceeding, and we go at a controlled pace so that no-one has to hurry.

We also make sure that any over-excited children are given a chance to calm down before things can get out of hand. We take a positive approach to behaviour, and make sure that any over-exuberance is nipped in the bud - we want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time!

What happens if there is an accident?

We have trained first aiders and first aid equipment. But we've never had more than a bump or graze, because we aim to avoid accidents in the first place.

How many children can go?

Baking Parties can accommodate up to 10 children.

Is the price reduced for less than 10 children?

No, the price is the same. But it’s fine if you want to invite fewer than 10 children – the party will be just as good!

Who does all the work?

We do! All you have to do is come along – you can have a relaxing time in the lounge area just outside the party rooms (coffee and cakes are available).

Are the children supervised all the time?

Yes, there are members of staff directly supervising them in the room at all times.

What refreshments do you provide?

We provide good-quality, nutritious food. We make our own sandwiches with white and wholemeal bread, and we also provide sausages, sausage rolls and tomatoes. There is a choice of grapes and cakes for dessert. (The cakes are from our own Speckled Hen Bakery, of course!) Drinks are fruit juice, water or squash.

Can you cope with any special dietary needs?

Yes, that’s no problem. Just let us know when you book.

If you only find out about a guest's needs on the day of the party, we’ll do our best to accommodate any requests – but it’s obviously better if you can let us know in advance.

Can parents and guardians come along?

The parents or guardians of the 'host' child are welcome to join in the baking (although we find that many children like the challenge of working on their own).

For other parents and guardians there is a relaxing lounge area outside the party rooms where you can have a quiet, relaxing time. Tea, coffee and cakes are available for you, too! (Not included in price of party.)

(We're afraid that not all parents / guardians can join in the parties, for safety reasons.)

Children are individuals – how do you cope with different types of group?

We have a tried-and-trusted formula which lets children go at their own pace. We find that all children get swept along by the fun of the day, and soon get into the party. Some are more lively than others, and we emphasise positive behaviour at all times to make sure that everyone has a good time.

Are the parties just for girls?

No, boys are just as welcome. Although it’s fair to say that we get more girls than boys, the boys who come really enjoy themselves!

What about your staff?

Our parties are run by experienced and trained staff, all of whom are CRB checked. They are all known to me, and we don’t use any temporary or unchecked staff.

My child doesn’t know the first thing about baking – does it matter?

No, not in the least! We carefully design our parties so that any child can take part and go home with something to show off.

Don’t old-fashioned things like craft parties seem boring to children today?

On the contrary! We find that all children find something magical in being able to make something themselves, starting with basic ingredients or materials.

They may have lots of things and have lots of technology to play with, but they often don’t have the chance to make things any more. So we find that our baking and sewing parties are something completely new for most children.

What if a child doesn’t want to join in, or isn’t able to finish the item they're making?

We’ve honestly never had this happen – but if we did, we’d make sure he or she wasn’t left out of the party, and had something to take home to show you.

Anything else?

If you've got a question that we haven't covered, or if there's anything at all you'd like to chat to us about, call us on 07497 332 149 or send us an email.