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Cupcake Parties for Younger Children 8ys+

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Refreshments - Party Food & Drink

We provide good-quality, nutritious food and drink at all our parties. Refreshments are included in the price of the party.

We make our own sandwiches with white and wholemeal bread, and we also provide sausages, tomatoes, grapes and crisps. There are cakes for dessert (from our own Speckled Hen Cookery School, of course!) Drinks are sugar-free cordials (no artificial colours nor additives) or water.

Birthday & Celebration Cakes

Birthday or celebration cakes from the Speckled Hen Cookery School are an option for all parties.

The cakes are specially designed to be easy to cut and serve. We make sure everyone gets a piece of cake to take home.

Special Dietary Needs & Food Allergies

We can cater for any special needs any of the party guests might have - just let us know when you book.

If you only find out at a late stage that one of the children has a special need regarding food, we'll do our best to accommodate your requirements - but the more notice you give us, the better we'll be able to meet your needs. Call us on 07497 332 149 or send us an email as soon as possible.

Party Bags

Party Bags are an option, all guaranteed to send everyone on their way with something to smile about.