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Cupcake Parties for Younger Children 8ys+

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What To Wear & Other Safety Advice

Thank you for booking your party at Speckled Hen Cookery School. To help ensure that every aspect of your visit is safe and enjoyable, we would like you to take a few moments to read the points below and to pass on the information provided to your guests.

  1. All our staff have been trained on how to move the children around the premises and will highlight various safety points to the children during the party.
  2. The premises are installed with a fire alarm system. Staff will advise the children and any adults who are staying, on how to proceed in the event of the alarms sounding. There is an assembly point outisde which is clearly marked.
  3. There may be a number of moving vehicles as the children are entering and leaving the premises, so please make sure that no child leaves the building unless they are accompanied by an adult. Our staff will only take responsibility for the children once they are within the building.
  4. Although we take every care to ensure children are alerted to possible dangers they may encounter in the premises, such as the equipment (in use and not in use) and possible risk of falls from running, we would ask that parents help, by ensuring that their children come appropriately dressed for the party activities. We recommend all long hair is tied back, that fitted clothing is worn and that on no account should shoes with wheels be on the children’s feet (the children will be using stairs).
  5. We ask that only the parent/grandparent/carer of the birthday child enters the premises during the party (should they wish to do so). Too many adults can hinder movement around this area and also prevent children hearing instructions from staff. Siblings of the birthday child may take part if they are aged 4 or over and included in the party booking. No children of parents other than the birthday child may enter the kitchen area.
  6. If we feel that a child is putting themselves or others in danger, We reserve the right to ask the parent/carer in charge, to look after that child until the party has finished. Your child’s safety is our priority and we want everybody to go home having had a great time!

Thank you for your co-operation!