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Cupcake Parties for Younger Children 8ys+

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This is a full day course, ideal for those who wish to learn the basics of bread making or maybe rectify problems when making bread at home. All the bread is made by hand and you will be able to try out a selection of recipes for yourself under the expert guidance of our resident cook Carolyn Royle, a bread making enthusiast!

Join us for a day of bread making with a continental flavour. With Carolyn Royle our resident bread specialist, you will make and bake Lebanese Flat Bread, Focaccia, Bread Sticks, German Breads to take home and share with friends and family.   

February is the shortest month, but often seems to last the longest! So learn how to make warming dishes that will make Spring seem just around the corner with our Half-Term Cookery course. You’ll learn how to make bread, including animal shapes and tea breads along with soup and proper hot chocolate!. 

A chance to try your hand at some classic recipes guaranteed to wow your friends! During the day you will be creating 3 delicious desserts from ingredients provided by the bakery. These will include a Baked Cheesecake, Linzertorte and a Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake. 

Our cupcake course is great way to learn how to make a good cupcake. You'll cover all the basics, from making a good cupcake base to creating toppings that will turn this humble little cake into a masterpiece! 

On our 'Baking For Easter' day you will have the chance to make and bake some lesser known Easter recipes for your friends and family. Sedgemoor Easter Cakes, delicious spicy biscuits originating from Somerset, 'Koulourakia Easter Biscuits' an Easter delicacy from Greece and 'Italian Easter Bread' a brioche like bread topped with colourful sprinkles and chocolate eggs in the middle.

Easter has some lovely recipes and dishes associated with it. Our Easter Cookery Course teaches you how to cook some of the best-loved traditional foods – and you’ll have something lovely to take home for Easter, too! It’s an ideal course for Easter school holidays.