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Food Allergies and The Speckled Hen

Food allergies are becoming increasingly common - and we take them very seriously at the Speckled Hen Cookery School.

If you would like to come on one of our courses but suffer from an allergy, do call us or send us an email. We can often accommodate allergy sufferers by choosing appropriate recipes or adjusting ingredients - so talk to us before you book, and we can discuss the best approach.

If you're thinking of buying a gift voucher for someone who you think might suffer from an allergy, then again - call us before you buy. We can discuss the options without your having to spoil the surprise.

Many people with allergies have come on our courses, and enjoyed learning new techniques and recipes - we hope you will, too!

Trace contaminations

It's important to stress, however, that we do use ingredients that trigger allergies in some people on our courses. We aren't able to provide fully segregated kitchens, so there is always a risk of trace amounts of nuts, wheat flour and other commonly used ingredients getting into the food you cook during the course.

So we can't guarantee that the things you prepare will be totally free from something that might trigger and allergic response in you or a friend or family member who might eat what you prepare. If you think there is any risk at all, just call us or email us and we'll discuss what you need and what is the best approach.