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Birthday Cakes

Chocolate Birthday Cakes

Our Chocolate Birthday Cakes are freshly prepared. The chocolate brownies are baked to our own recipe, with a lightly crisp shell and a soft gooey chocolatey centre - loved by everyone!

The cakes are available to order - you can order them in advance for your Speckled Hen Party or for your own party. All our cakes come with candles.

Tower Of Hearts

The Chocolate Brownie Tower Of Hearts is really popular – it makes a great birthday cake! It’s a stunning celebration cake consisting of heart-shaped chocolate brownies, completely drizzled with chocolate fudge icing and studded with chocolate pieces, built up into a tower of chocolateness.

It looks just great and is so easy to share out among everyone.

The Chocolate Fudge Brownie Tower serves 12 - £18.00