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Cupcake Parties for Younger Children 8ys+

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Speckled Hen Baking Parties (ages 6 upwards)

Do you remember when you used to bake cakes, with your mum or granny?

Do you ever wish that your child knew more about food - how to cook, and what ingredients are used?

The way we live today, children often don’t learn how to cook. Many just think of food as something that comes from the supermarket and lands on their plate via an oven or microwave.

So what better way of learning than baking something from scratch - by themselves? And even better, then taking it home for everyone else to enjoy! Imagine the sense of achievement this gives them.

This is just what children do at Speckled Hen Baking Parties – they’re really something different!

Here’s what the party involves –

  • On arrival, the children are taken to their special party room where they decorate a hat to wear in the kitchen.
  • Every child in the group makes and bakes their own biscuits to take home. This is done in our fully-fitted professional kitchen.
  • The biscuits or cakes are baked from scratch – no kits or pre-mixes. They get to see what the raw ingredients look like, and they learn how cakes are made.
  • We go at a controlled pace, giving everyone time to catch up. We work as a group, so no-one feels left out.
  • We explain what each stage is all about, so they learn something about food preparation.
  • While the cakes or biscuits are baking, the children return to the party room to decorate a cake box to take everything home in. They also have their lunch or tea.
  • Finally, the children return to the kitchen to decorate a pre-baked cake that we provide. They can use any design they like – we’ll help them make their ideas come to life. We provide all the icing and equipment.

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