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Baking For Easter

  • Full-Day Adult's Course

Baking the same Easter treats year after year is fun – but it can get a little repetitive. It can also be too full of chocolate! We’ve put together a 'Baking For Easter' day with a difference. We will take you through some lesser-known Easter recipes to spice things up a little in the kitchen.

Sedgemoor Easter Cakes are actually more like a biscuit in texture, but the word ‘cake’ is often used to refer to different types of food.
Sedgemoor is a coastal region of Somerset, in the heart of the West Country. Sedgemoor Easter Cakes were traditionally served after church on Easter Sunday, presented in a bundle of three biscuits to represent the Holy Trinity.
As with most Easter biscuits, they feature spice and fruit. Mixed spice, ground cinnamon and currants were often used, and sometimes mixed peel. Lemon zest could be used for an extra ‘zing’!

Koulourakia Easter Biscuits are a traditional butter biscuit from Greece. They are so called because of their round twisted shape, but you will also see Koulourakia shaped into small braids or in the shape of the letter ‘S’.Koulourakia are slightly sweet with a simple vanilla flavour. They are traditionally dunked in coffee or milk.
They make a lovely Easter gift to friends and family, wrapped in pretty bags with some decorative ribbon. 

Italian Easter Breads are fluffy, slightly sweet, rich and soft – rather like a brioche flavoured with a generous amount of lemon zest and a touch of ground aniseed. When topped with colourful sprinkles and a chocolate egg in the middle, these Italian Easter breads are sure to impress everyone at your Easter table!

The bread can be braided in one large ring, several smaller rings or just one long braid. You can nest eggs either in the middle or between the braids.

Lunch and all the ingredients are included in the course price

  • The course starts at 9.30 am and finishes at 3.00 pm
  • All you need to bring is an apron and some boxes to take home all the lovely things you'll make on the day!
  • Price: £55.00

To book: call us on 07497 332 149 or download a booking form