New Courses for Adults and Children 

                                        Spanish Tapas , Sushi and Scandinavian Baking

Cupcake Parties for Younger Children 8ys+

Call for further details.

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Allergy Information

We don’t use any of the artificial ingredients or additives that many larger manufacturers use – so neither you nor your children will suffer any allergic reactions arising from use of ‘E numbers’.

Wheat flour

We use wheat flour in a number of our products, so if you suffer from coeliac disease you should avoid our products.

Nut allergies

We use nuts in some of our recipes, and so it is possible that there are traces of nuts in any of our products. If you suffer from a nut allergy, you should avoid eating our products.

Call us

If there's anything at all you'd like to know about the ingredients we use, call us on 07497 332 149 or send us an email.